Trump just hired an official accused of sexually assaulting 5 people

The Trump administration’s new hire to a role in the State Department was a suspect in multiple cases of sexual assault during his tenure at The Citadel military college.

Steve Munoz is the Trump Administration’s new assistant chief of visits, which falls under the supervision of the State Department. According to ProPublica, the office, staffed by a 10-person team to be supervised by Munoz, is responsible for arranging visits between foreign diplomats and the president, making it a relatively high-profile position in the Trump administration.

The allegations brought against Munoz at The Citadel involved five male freshmen students. They alleged that Munoz used his position as class president as well as the head of the Republican society on campus to corner them in ways that led to unwanted sexual interactions.

The first incident, which occurred in 2010, was reported by the student and compelled the school to issue Munoz a warning for the incident. The later events were only reported after Munoz had graduated in 2012.

According to ProPublica, one student recalled awakening to find Munoz on top of him kissing him and groping his genitals. Another student remembered an event at the Democratic Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. where Munoz jumped on his bed and reportedly said, “I felt jerking and bouncing on my back.”

The Citadel conducted an internal investigation and found that “certain assaults likely occurred.” The local prosecutor, however, declined to pursue charges against Munoz, despite the evidence handed over to authorities.