Trump Couldn’t Even Book a Hotel for Himself at G-20

The Trump administration was left scrambling to find accommodations for the president as it didn’t properly take into account how much advanced notice it needed to give before booking his stay at the G-20 conference this week.

The failure to book hotel accommodations long before the meetings left President Donald Trump without luxury hotel services that he’s ordinarily accustomed to, according to reporting from BuzzFeed.

The G-20 summit this year was announced in February of last year. Even considering that Trump assumed office in January of 2017, that his handlers were unable to secure him hotel accommodations speaks volumes about the planning processes that the administration takes for scheduling events into the future.

Earlier this year, for example, the Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn was dangerously close to not happening at all, as the Trumps nearly failed to order the thousands of eggs required for the event. Indeed, the Easter event itself was noticeably scaled down compared to previous years.

This week’s failure to properly procure hotel reservations at the appropriate time further demonstrates that lack in preparedness on the part of the Trump administration. The Hill reports that the administration originally attempted to book the Four Seasons hotel for Trump, which was already booked by the Saudis. Other locales were similarly booked.

The city of Hamburg itself reportedly had to step in to help Trump, who will now reside at the Hamburg Senate guesthouse for the duration of the summit. The guesthouse, while highly accommodating, is lower in scope and scale compared to other locations that were available to the president.

BuzzFeed also reports that more than 9,000 rooms were available for dignitaries and heads of state to choose from before rooms started getting filled up.

The failure to book a room is also highly embarrassing for a president who made a name for himself in part by building several hotels around the globe.

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