Trump abruptly stops interview with CBS after they confront him over Obama wiretap accusation

President Donald Trump apparently still holds onto the belief that former President Barack Obama “wiretapped” him during the campaign last fall, and abruptly ended an interview after the subject was brought up.

Trump, speaking to CBS’s John Dickerson, was responding to a question about what advice the former president gave to him before entering the Oval Office. It was Trump, in fact, who brought up the issue of surveillance himself, though Dickerson did ask him to elaborate.

“[Obama]¬†was very nice to me,” Trump said. “But after that, we’ve had some difficulties. So it doesn’t matter. You know, words are less important to me than deeds. And you saw what happened with surveillance.”

When pressed for what he meant by “difficulties,” the president simply¬†answered, “You can figure that out yourself.”

Dickerson also asked Trump to elaborate if he stood by his claim that the Obama administration had surveilled him, even without evidence.

“You don’t have to ask me,” Trump interrupted, adding, “Because I have my own opinions. You can have your own opinions.”

After Dickerson tried to continue, Trump left the set. “Okay, it’s enough. Thank you. Thank you very much,” he said.

Trump initially made the claim back in March, suggesting that Obama had conducted a search that was tantamount to “McCarthyism.”

When prompted to explain his tweet, his administration suggested that because the words “wires tapped” were in quotes that they meant surveillance that was broad in nature, not just limited to phone conversations. Yet no evidence has been brought forth by the Trump administration that proves anything improper was breached, and Republican and Democratic members of Congress looking into the matter have agreed that no such surveillance ordered by Obama occurred.

See the video of the interview below:

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