Watch As State Dept. Official Is Asked Why White House Criticizes Iran But Never Saudi Arabia

Stuart Jones, former United States ambassador to Iraq, was asked a question during a news brief that caused him to literally freeze and mumble for several seconds in a room full of reporters.

Jones, who is also the acting Assistant Secretary of State, was asked in a press conference to explain how he thought Donald Trump could be critical of Iran’s commitment to democracy while standing next to representatives of Saudi Arabia, where monarchy reigns.

The assistant secretary froze for several seconds, then mumbled before he answered and ended the interview.

When Jones finally gets his words together he claimed that Saudi Arabia was making progress, referring to a transition to democracy. He did not, however, make his exit before also characterizing Iran as a source of extremism and a terrorism threat originating from a base that’s not at all responsive to its electorate.

Twitter went wild after the interaction prompting a series of hilarious tweets trolling Jones.