Racist Woman Goes Berserk on Latina Woman Seeking Medicine at Walmart Pharmacy

A Latina woman named Eva Hicks was shopping at a Walmart in Arkansas, trying to buy some medicine in the pharmacy section. Another shopper, a white woman, was standing in front of the spot where the medicine was shelved. So the Latina shopper politely said “excuse me” in order to get what she needed.

Seems simple enough.

But it was that interaction that set the white woman off on a racist diatribe against Latinos and blacks, including pushing her cart threateningly toward the Latina woman.

Hicks documented the exchange with her smart phone, mid-conversation, and the video quickly spread across the internet.

“Go back to wherever you’re from,” the white woman tells the Latina customer. “You’re in America!”

“So?” Hicks correctly responds.

Off-screen, another shopper, a black woman, tries to interject. But the racist customer wouldn’t be swayed.

“That’s none of your business; stay out of it,” the white customer said.

“Stop being ignorant,” the black shopper retorts.

“A (expletive) is calling me ignorant?” the white woman responds. Her use of the N-word understandably horrified the two women of color.

Eventually, a Walmart employee enters the scene. “This is inappropriate conduct,” he tells the racist customer, who childishly responds back, “It’s not my fault, she started it.”

This viral video is just the latest of several that have documented a rise in racial prejudices since the election of Donald Trump. Just yesterday, a separate video surfaced of a woman making derogatory statements toward a Hispanic phone salesman at a shopping center in Virginia.

Though the incident above wasn’t necessarily criminal, hate crimes against minorities have increased as well since Trump’s rise. In 2016 alone, possibly fueled in part by the open bigotry of the Trump campaign, hate crimes went up by 20 percent, according to NBC News.

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