Polish Officials Plan to Bus In Fake Trump Supporters to Cheer His Arrival for State Visit

President Trump isn’t popular around most of the world. But he loves to be greeted by throngs of cheering fans. So what’s a government to do? Bus in a fake crowd of supporters to cheer for him, of course — and that’s precisely what the Polish government is planning to do when Trump arrives for the G-20 summit today.

According to the Guardian, when Trump arrives in Warsaw, he will be greeted by crowds cheering him off the plane upon his arrival. But make no mistake: the enthusiasm will be a “fake” representation of how Poles actually feel about the president.

The Guardian further reports that Poland’s right-wing government is hoping that the enthusiastic crowd will result in some political praise from Trump, who, upon seeing the “fake” crowd, will perhaps be more willing to agree to adhering to NATO Article 5. That rule requires defense from all nations when an act of aggression is made on one member state, which Trump has been unwilling to commit to so far as president. Poland shares a large border with Russia, which NATO claims has become increasingly aggressive over the past decade.

The “fake” crowds will be somewhat ironic for the president to accept. Trump has largely disparaged negative media reports on his various policies since become president, oftentimes labeling such news reports as “fake news” in his tweets. Yet the president will arrive to throngs of people who will represent a fake opinion of Trump in their nation: according to Pew Research, just 22 percent of Poles have a positive view of the U.S. president. For comparison, 58 percent had a positive view of former President Barack Obama.

This isn’t the only crowd-related controversy that Trump has been a key player in: earlier this year, after claiming his inauguration crowd sizes were the largest ever (and being disproven as such), Trump criticized the media, calling them “among the most dishonest human beings on earth.”

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