Photo from Steve Bannon’s office accidentally shows what’s written on his whiteboard

President Donald Trump’s political adviser Steve Bannon has a peculiar whiteboard that includes goals for the administration. What’s on the whiteboard is a matter of political speculation — but thanks to a recent picture taken in Bannon’s office and shared online, we’re getting some insights into what Trump’s top political mind has planned.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes provides some thoughts:

According to Hayes, conservative Rabbi Shmuley Boteach tweeted out a picture of himself and Bannon at the White House. In the background is an image of Bannon’s infamous whiteboard that includes many of the administration’s goals.

Among them, as reported by Forward, is a call to “Cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities.” That may come back to haunt Bannon, as the White House is arguing in a lawsuit challenging Trump’s recent executive order that funding cutoffs to so-called sanctuary cities would be limited to specific grants.

Also included are phrases like “Build the border wall and eventually make Mexico pay for it,” and “Suspend the Syrian refugee program.” Some items have a noticeable check mark placed by them, indicating they are promises fulfilled, although some of the checked items are stalled in the courts currently.

In all, the whiteboard behind Bannon and Boteach contains more than 200 of Trump’s campaign promises and how they intend to fulfill them. It’s a stunning reveal of what may lie ahead in President Trump’s plans and immediate priorities for the nation.

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