This photo of a Girl Scout confronting Neo-Nazis is going viral

A 16-year-old Girl Scout just became an international hero after a photograph of her calmly standing up to an angry white supremacist went viral.

The photo, shown below, depicts Lucie Myslíková serenely debating with an agitated neo-Nazi demonstrator. The image has made headlines and become a symbol of peaceful resistance against hatred.

“She was standing tall and she’s 16 years old and she stood proud and made some profound arguments,” said amateur photographer Vladimir Cicmanec.
The standoff occurred last Monday, during a Neo-Nazi rally in the Czech Republic. The rally was largely a disaster for the far right nationalists, with counter protesters outnumbering them 2 to 1 and drowning out their event with music and dancing.
“We wanted to show the neo-Nazis that they are not welcome here. This year the counter protest was to make fun of and to troll the Nazis,” Cicmanec said, who took the picture after a friend pointed out the conflict between the Girl Scout and the white nationalist.
“I didn’t hear all of their exchange but they were talking about the concept of nations and nation-states, immigration, refugees,” he said. “She tried to explain to him that nationalism makes no sense because we are all people and should not be treated differently based on some arbitrary distinctions.”
The Scouts of Czech Republic said that Lucie – who has thus far declined interviews – said that the conflict was a “sharp debate” which did not devolve into violence. (Unlike other conflicts during the rally. Police ultimately arrested 11 people from both sides.)
The World Organization of the Scout Movement celebrated Lucie on their Facebook page, sharing the photo and the applauding all the Scouts who attended “to express their support for values of diversity, peace and understanding.”
 Nathan Wellman is a Los Angeles-based journalist, author, and playwright. His less-political Youtube channel can be found here. Follow him on Twitter: @LightningWOW