‘You pea-brained, motherf**king traitor’: Watch Keith Olbermann’s epic takedown of Trump’s classified leak

The recent news surrounding Donald Trump allegedly leaking highly classified information to the Russians has triggered Keith Olbermann to express his rage via Twitter.

Olbermann, special correspondent for GQ, has not been short on words in regards to his opinion of Donald Trump and his administration. In one episode of his web series “The Resistance” he called Trump a “jackass” 27 times and referred to him as “President Jackass”.

Trump has blamed the intelligence community for information leaks on numerous occasions, but Olbermann put those accusations to bed on Twitter.

Olbermann accused Trump of committing 6 crimes in only a week, most likely alluding to the dramatic events taking place around Trump’s decision to abruptly fire James Comey.

“Donald Trump has now eliminated his own benefit of the confusion,” he explained. “The Trump-Russia cover-up case is now about threatening people and firing people and pressuring people to keep them from investigating you and your colleagues.”

“The smoke doesn’t matter anymore,” Olbermann added. “Who needs Russian smoke when the White House is on fire?”