Mexico’s former president just trolled the sh*t out of Trump over his sinking approval rating

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox just hilariously mocked President Trump’s historically low approval ratings, saying that “If this were TV, you’d be fired.”

Gallup’s recent poll has shown Trump’s approval rating to already be lower than any point in Obama’s entire 8-year presidency. The rating fell a staggering 8 points in nine days, following the rollout of the widely-panned healthcare bill that Republican Congress has released with Trump’s “100 percent” support.

Mr. Fox has been an avid opponent of Trump’s from the beginning of Trump’s political career. Fox’s vow that Mexico will not pay for “that fucking wall” has become a popular mantra of his in recent months.

Fox wound up being largely correct, as the Trump administration has since backed down on its promises to “make Mexico pay for the wall,” instead funding it with a proposed increase of import taxes on Mexico. This, of course, will result in higher prices on Mexican goods, and ultimately result in American consumers paying for the wall.

Nathan Wellman is a Los Angeles-based journalist, author, and playwright. His less-political Youtube channel can be found here. Follow him on Twitter: @LightningWOW