Memo Confirms Trump Asked NSA Director to Publicly Absolve Him

A new memo obtained by the Wall Street Journal details how the head of the National Security Agency was pressured by the president to state that no one from the administration is under investigation of any kind for colluding with Russia.

President Donald Trump questioned the legitimacy of claims made that allege Russian hackers were attempting to influence the outcome of the election last fall through hacking and/or social media campaigns designed to discredit his opponent, the memo states. He called NSA head Mike Rogers in an attempt to ask him to state publicly that Trump himself wasn’t under investigation.

The memo confirms what was reported in the Washington Post earlier this spring. Sources in May said that Trump had asked several heads of security agencies to state that Trump and his administration had no such connections, either as president or during the election campaign. Rogers, as well as Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats allegedly refused to do so, deeming it as inappropriate in the midst of the investigation.

Trump has continually insisted the investigation is unnecessary. This morning, for example, he logged onto his Twitter account to once again state he was the victim of a “witch hunt.”

It was reported this week that Special Investigator Robert Mueller, who was appointed following former FBI Director James Comey’s firing, is investigating Trump for possibly obstructing justice in terminating Comey. As part of that obstruction investigation, Mueller is planning on interviewing both Coats and Rogers, as well as former Deputy National Security Adviser Richard Ledgett, who wrote the memo.

Comey himself said last week during testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee that he felt pressured by Trump to drop the investigation into former NSA head Michael Flynn’s controversial meetings with the Kremlin. The president also demanded that Comey be loyal to him, the former FBI director said.

“I need loyalty, I expect loyalty,” Comey said Trump stated in a private meeting.

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