Massive Crowd Protests At White House In Response To Trump’s Climate Withdrawal

A massive crowd has assembled before the White House in protest of Donald Trump’s decision to remove the United States from Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Protesters who support the Paris Climate deal are showing up in droves in front of the White House, demonstrating against the decision to pull out of the climate change accord.

The protest was announced, preemptively, a day earlier by an environmental group called 350 DC to prepare for the tremendously controversial decision.

“This decision sends a dangerous signal to the rest of the world that the United States doesn’t honor its commitments,” the Facebook event page for the protest reads. “The Paris Agreement was signed by 196 countries and is the backbone of international action to tackle the greatest challenge facing our civilization: climate change.”

The United States’ withdrawal makes America 1 of 3 countries that have chosen not to play a role in the pact (the others are Syria and Nicaragua). Trump has repeatedly promised he would withdraw from the agreement, finalizing his decision on Thursday with his announcement in the White House Rose Garden.

Supporters of the agreement, such as Barack Obama, however, argue that the move would allow other nations to take the lead on climate change where the United States should be at the forefront.