The New Yorker’s Latest Cover Just Skewered Trump Over Comey Firing

The New Yorker’s magazine issue due for release next week depicts a hilarious illustration on the cover that combines to recent events that have sparked public outrage.

Next week’s issue of the New Yorker features an illustration on the cover of former FBI Director James Comey being dragged from a presumably United Airline flight by President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The Hill reports the artist of the cover, Barry Blitt, commented on the cover saying, “It’s probably a bit of a leap,” Blitt said, “James Comey is six feet eight, he probably would have been happy to give up his seat in a cramped cabin.”

The artwork ridicules Trump’s abrupt decision to fire Comey on the advice of Sessions and Attorney General Rod Rosenstein amidst an investigation of Trump’s ties to the Russians. Trump later admitted that he planned to fire Comey regardless.

The illustration also includes another recent story around United Airlines in which a passenger was ripped from his seat by airport security and dragged off an overbooked flight. The event was recorded by the passengers and quickly went viral causing an overwhelming backlash from customers that lead to United CEO being summoned before a congressional committee.