Israel Just Changed Their Intelligence-Sharing Rules Following Trump’s Leak to Russians

Israel has taken steps to update its intelligence sharing protocols in response to President Donald Trump revealing details they had gathered about terrorist activities in the Middle East to Russian agents in a White House meeting earlier this month, Voice of America reported today.

That intelligence had been obtained by Israeli intelligence, and detailed how terrorists had planned to arm laptop computers as bombs on international flights.

Trump revealed the information to Russia’s Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and other Russian dignitaries in a meeting earlier this month. According to sources who were involved with the meeting, Trump had shared the information in an effort to brag about the intelligence he receives.

“I get great intel. I have people brief me on great intel every day,” Trump is alleged to have said.

Trump later tweeted out that he had shared the information in order to keep Russians in-the-loop about terrorist activities abroad.

Despite Trump’s rationale, Israel still felt the need to update their protocols related to sharing intelligence. “[W]e did a spot repair” after intelligence information was leaked, Israeli defense chief Avigdor Liberman said. “What we had to clarify with our friends in the United States, we did. We did our checks.”

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