Hillary Clinton just trolled Trump on Twitter

Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took time on Twitter today to troll President Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson’s complaints of the demands of the job being too exhaustive.

Clinton shared a tweet published by Philippe Reines, who served as Senior Advisor to Clinton while she was Secretary of State under former President Barack Obama.

The tweets were in response to Rex Tillerson, President Trump’s current Secretary of State, citing fatigue as a reason for cutting short a trip to South Korea.

After Reines made his initial tweet asking “Who knew?” many of his followers responded by simply writing back, “she did,” according to reporting from the Hill.

Tillerson’s exhaustion are demonstrative of the hypocrisy of the Trump administration’s complaints about Clinton in 2016. During the presidential campaign last year, Trump blasted Clinton by saying that she “doesn’t have the stamina” to be president. Clinton responded the best way that she could: by explaining her firsthand experience with what the demands of the presidency would entail.

In addition to Tillerson citing his own exhaustion, it seems as though Trump is having exhaustion troubles of his own as of late. Trump has spent a considerable amount of time on vacation since assuming office in January, and was even described as being “fatigued” himself while having a phone conversation with the prime minister of Australia.

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