‘Go back to your own country’: Sikh man shot in his driveway in alleged hate crime

A 39-year-old Sikh man was shot in his own driveway today by a masked white man in Kent, WA, just south of Seattle.

The man was working on his vehicle yesterday evening when an armed white man in a mask accosted him, shouted “Go back to your own country,” and shot him in the arm.

The man’s injuries were nonthreatening, and he has since been released from the hospital. Officers have not yet officially classified the investigation as a hate crime.

“We’re early on in our investigation,” Kent Police Chief Ken Thomas said Saturday morning. “We are treating this as a very serious incident.”

“He is just very shaken up, both him and his family,”said Jasmit Singh, a leader of the Sikh community in the area who met with the victim. “We’re all kind of at a loss in terms of what’s going on right now, this is just bringing it home. The climate of hate that has been created doesn’t distinguish between anyone.”

Singh told reporters that Sikh men in his community have recently experienced a noticeable increase’Go back to your own country’: Sikh man shot in his driveway in hate crime in “a kind of prejudice, a kind of xenophobia that is nothing that we’ve seen in the recent past.”

This shooting comes just eight days after two Indian tech workers were shot in an Austin’s Bar & Grill in Kansas, with the shooter shouting “Get out of my country” before shooting. One man died and the other was seriously wounded.

The Trump administration expressed sympathy for the Kansas victims but denied the family’s allegations that the Kansas shooting – or any of the dozens of hate crimes which have flared up following the rise of the Trump campaign – are connected in any way to Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Nathan Wellman is a Los Angeles-based journalist, author, and playwright. His less-political Youtube channel can be found hereFollow him on Twitter: @LightningWOW