Have you ever heard Jared Kushner’s voice before? Here you go.

On the 150th day of the Trump administration, the president’s senior adviser Jared Kushner made his first public remarks. Until now, Kushner has remained silent during public appearances while standing by his father-in-law’s side throughout most major events of the Trump presidency, to the point that speculation has run rampant as to what his voice even sounds like.

An excerpt of his speech can be found here:

Social media users reacted largely with amazement at finally hearing the voice of one of the most powerful men in America.

Kushner’s speech was delivered to tech CEOs at the White House, and largely focused on his intent to update outdated federal systems and bureaucracies. While Kushner did not mention his involvement in the ongoing investigations into possible Russia-Trump collusion, his speech came on the same day news broke that he is contacting high-powered criminal attorneys as these probes widen in scope.

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