Elon Musk Just Responded To Trump Pulling Out Of Paris Accords

Tesla CEO announced that he planned on following through with threats that he made in regards to his membership on Donald Trump’s business councils if the U.S. withdrew from the Paris Deal.

Space X and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, foretold on Wednesday that if the decision was made to pull the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement he would have “no choice” but to quit his advisory roles on Trump’s Strategic and Policy Council for business executives.

Despite warnings from Musk and other business executives, Trump moved forward with his decision to exit the agreement, prompting Musk to take to twitter give his reaction and declare his position after the fact.

The Tesla CEO was greatly criticized after joining the council due to Trump’s immigration ban, but seems to have “put his foot down” when it comes to the issue of climate change and the role of the United States within the deal.

Others who opposed, however, such as IBM CEO Ginni Rometty have chosen to remain apart of Trump’s council despite their disapproval with the decision.

“As IBM has said before, there is value in engagement,” the spokesperson said. “We believe we can make a constructive contribution by having a direct dialogue with the Administration – as we do with governments around the world.”