The U.S. economy is off to its worst start in three years

The U.S. economy began this year with a sluggish start, growing at just 0.7 percent from January to March, the weakest first-quarter start in the past three years.

The news comes just one day before President Donald Trump’s 100th day in office. Trump has been downplaying the importance of the 100 day benchmark in recent weeks, but during his presidential campaign he made many promises for what would happen during this time period, suggesting his promises during this time would be a “game changer.”

Just a few days ago, however, Trump considered it a “ridiculous standard.”

The latest economic measure of growth is yet another indicator that things aren’t as rosy as the administration is making it out to seem. In fact, most Americans aren’t convinced things are going to get better either.

A majority of respondents in a recent Rasmussen poll (52 percent) indicated that the country was headed on the “wrong track,” versus just 42 percent who said it was going in the “right direction.”

The Trump administration will undoubtedly try to spin the poor economic measures. In recent days, Trump and his team have also taken credit for creating 500,000 jobs since January, although that number takes into account the month of January, when former President Barack Obama was in office for about two-thirds of the time. Most experts agree it’s far too soon for Trump to believe that his policies — very few of which have actually been enacted — had any effect on jobs growth at all.

The first quarter of this year included 69 days which were overseen with President Trump in office. Just twenty of those days included Obama’s last days in office.

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