Trump Just Retweeted Rosie O’Donnell, and Her Response Couldn’t Be More on Point

Desperate to change the subject as the drama surrounding FBI Director Jim Comey’s firing has brought new life to stories of his connections to Russia, President Trump took to Twitter this afternoon. Never one to shy away from being provocative, Trump chose to use his longtime rivalry with Rosie O’Donnell to draw attention. Trying to be clever, the President retweeted O’Donnell:

The original tweet from O’Donnell was from December of last year. Like a number of other Hillary Rodham Clinton supporters, she was irate about the letter Comey had delivered to Congress in October. Clinton and many of her supporters blame Comey’s letter for leading to her loss to Trump.

Just like with Comey’s firing, things haven’t unfolded the way President Trump expected they would:

O’Donnell’s response to the President couldn’t have been better designed to get under Trump’s famously thin skin:

Always one to scan coverage of himself, the President can’t be happy with tweets like this: