Comey asked for extra funds for Trump-Russia investigation days before termination

Former FBI director James Comey, who was fired last night by President Donald Trump, was apparently asking requesting more resources from the Department of Justice into alleged connections between Trump’s campaign for president and Russia.

The Washington Post’s White House reporter Ashley Parker tweeted out confirmation of Comey allegedly asking Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for additional resources to dig deeper into the investigation.

It was upon Rosenstein’s recommendation, and that of his immediate superior Attorney General Jeff Sessions, that President Trump made the decision to fire Comey from his position at the FBI.

Reporting from the Hill details that Trump had demanded the Department of Justice to come up with reasons for his termination a week ago — around the same time that Comey had expressed interest in attaining more resources for the investigation.

Three sources within the White House have confirmed Parker’s initial tweet, according to the New York Times.

UPDATE: The Department of Justice is denying the allegations that Comey had sought more funds from Deputy AG Rosenstein to conduct further research into the investigation.

But NBC News is now reporting that another source in Congress has corroborated the claims that Comey indeed made the request.

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