CNN Just Called Out Trump’s ‘Buy American’ Hypocrisy and It’s Brilliant

President Trump signed an executive order Tuesday ordering agencies to implement his ‘buy American’ rhetoric, even while many products made by his business empire are produced in other countries. CNN’s Jake Tapper was one voice calling out this hypocrisy.

“The president just signed an order to ‘buy American,” Tapper said. “So wait, does that mean he wants me to stop buying Trump products?”

Trump promised this executive order would “aggressively promote and use American-made goods and to ensure that American labor is hired to do the job,” and lauded American craftsmanship craftsmanship and grit.

The order, signed in Wisconsin, orders a series of reviews meant to encourage the purchase of goods and services produced in America but does little to impact policy, said Raw Story.

The campaign rhetoric of ‘buy American’  was always at odds with Trump’s business practices, with everything from Trump apparel to Trump Vodka produced in foreign countries.

Famously, even Trump’s iconic red hats from his campaign, promising to ‘make America great again’, were not American-made.

The symbolic disharmony of the iconic hats might have a deep significance, as harsh rhetoric around buying and hiring American might have adverse impacts on trade, Fortune argued.

“As for hiring American, a CNN review found that the president as a corporate head has hired more than 1300 foreign guest workers to work at his various businesses here in the U.S., including requesting 78 visas to staff his two Florida properties for this year,” Tapper added.

CNN also cited two Trump-branded building projects that had instances of employing undocumented workers among their catalog of the history Trump’s business empire has with a wide range of types of immigrant labor.

Tapper suggested that if the President was serious on buying and hiring American, he ought to consider “looking into his own companies business practices first.”