CNN Just Called Out Kellyanne Conway Right to Her Face

White House special counselor Kellyanne Conway tried to tell CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “News Day” that news networks spend more time covering the Trump administration’s alleged Russia connections than they do covering the U.S., but Cuomo wasn’t having any of it.

During the nearly one-hour interview on Monday morning, Cuomo tried to inquire after reports that Donald Trump, Jr. met with a Kremlin-linked Russian lawyer during his father’s 2016 presidential campaign who promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

When Conway tried to ask if Cuomo was “embarrassed” that his network spent more time talking about Russia than the U.S., Cuomo fired back, “No! Kellyanne, this matters.”

Then Cuomo really turned up the heat:

“You don’t care if Russia was trying to get inside your campaign to affect the election?” Cuomo asked at one point.

“You don’t know what I care about!” Conway fired back.

“That was a question,” Cuomo said. “There was a question mark at the end of it.”

As Conway tried to tell Cuomo that polls show that Americans were tired of the Russia collusion narrative and that he should be talking about what Trump was doing for Americans, Cuomo rebutted: “My conscience is clean, my mission is clear. I cover what I think matters to people. I test power, and I take the consequences every damn day.”

The reaction on social media from Trump supporters and critics was swift:

Cuomo’s brother Andrew is the Democratic Governor of New York, who was elected in 2011.