CIA Director says Trump has ‘fantastic’ relationship with the intel community. The audience’s reaction says it all.

Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA, described Donald Trump’s relationship with the U.S. intelligence community as “fantastic” and the audience chuckled.

During an interview at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, Pompeo was asked by the moderator about the state of relations between President Trump and the intel community, he then attempted to conceal any underlying friction by saying, “It’s fantastic”.

Pompeo’s response drew immediate laughter throughout the crowd, to which he responded, “Don’t laugh, I mean that.”, said Pompeo, “I mean that. I can only give you my observations.” He admitted that accommodations had to be made for Trump, and protocols were altered to make up for Trump’s lack of experience, but declined to elaborate on details about specific changes.

The impromptu laughter is due to the turbulent atmosphere between Trump and the intel community following the aftermath of Michael Flynn’s resignation. During that time, Trump accused the intel community of leaking information to the press that incriminated his colleagues.

Trump blasted the intel community alleging that they were directly responsible for leaking a collection of documents that contained horrific allegations pertaining to Trump citing Nazi, Germany.

“I think it was disgraceful that the intelligence agencies allowed any information that turned out to be so false and fake” to get out, Trump said, adding: “That’s something that Nazi Germany would have done and did do.”


Steven E. Johnson is a Mississippi-based author who covers racial justice and political issues for the Resistance Report. You can contact him at stevejlive at gmail dot com.