CBO: Republican health care bill will spike premiums for poor, elderly Americans by over 750%

The Congressional Budget Office ruled today that the GOP’s American Health Care Act, commonly referred to as Trumpcare, would raise monthly premiums by 750% for older, poorer Americans.

The bill lowers premiums in general, but at the expense of older Americans who have to pay more. A 21 year-old who makes $26,500 will pay on average of $1,450 a year (Obamacare average: $1,700), but a 64 year old who makes the same amount will pay 14,600 – over half of his income.


Other damning revelations from the CBO today is their assessment that the legislature would result in 24 million Americans losing health insurance, which would spike the uninsured rate even higher than pre-Obamacare levels.

Nathan Wellman is a Los Angeles-based journalist, author, and playwright. His less-political Youtube channel can be found here. Follow him on Twitter: @LightningWOW