Obamacare repeal bill will exempt Congress from losing health benefits

One of the most despicable parts of the Trumpcare bill to be voted on tomorrow still remains, and it’s unclear whether it will be struck before the vote.

The MacArthur Amendment allows individual states to decide whether or not certain types of coverage — like for pre-existing conditions, for example — will be deemed as “essential” in a state health insurance market. While that’s already proven to be controversial on its own, another hideous part of the amendment allows members of Congress and their staff to be exempt from losing the benefits they would normally receive under the Affordable CareAct (Obamacare) if their repeal-and-replace legislation becomes law.

Vox did some digging and found out that despite all of the drafts of the American Health Care Act going through committee, Congressional carve-outs detailed in the MacArthur amendment still remained intact as of Wednesday evening. MacArthur’s office told the outlet that the exclusion would be taken out of the full bill to be voted on separately.

C-SPAN Congressional reporter Craig Caplan confirmed that the carve-outs for members of Congress and their staffers will be voted on separately as part of Thursday’s Trumpcare vote:

In its current form, the American Health Care Act would still exempt members of Congress and their Capitol Hill staff from the cuts. The carve-outs being removed depends entirely on whether or not House Republicans vote in favor of the second measure immediately after Trumpcare’s passage.

The vote is scheduled in the House of Representatives on Thursday afternoon, Regardless of whether or not the House passes the bill, Trumpcare’s fate in the Senate is far less certain, as the bill will need 60 votes — including from some Democrats — in order to make it to President Trump’s desk.


Kevin Wallace is a journalist with five years’ experience in print and digital media, and covers politics, media, and culture for the Resistance Report. He lives in Tallahassee, Florida.