The CBO Just Released Their Official Report On Obamacare Repeal

The number of uninsured Americans is expected to skyrocket by millions over just a decade if the Republican health care reform bill is passed, according to the committee that provides budget and economic analysis to Congress.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the effects of the Affordable Health Care Act would left 23 million more people without any form of affordable health insurance over the next decade. The lack in coverage is largely due to a huge cut of $834 billion to Medicaid. The Senate GOP version of the Obamacare repeal appears almost identical to the previous draft while only decreasing the number of uninsured to 22 million.

The CBO projects that 49 million Americans will be uninsured by 2026, which is nearly double the amount of uninsured under the current law. The office’s analysis was released only hours after Republicans scrambled to add a last minute provision that prevents people from getting insurance coverage for six months if they had been previously uninsured for 63 days or more.

The US Census Bureau projects the national population to reach approximately 349 million by 2026, meaning 14% of Americans won’t have insurance that year if the Senate GOP healthcare bill is signed into law.

Obamacare, if not repealed, would still leave 28 million, or approximately 8% of the population, uninsured by 2026. The number of Americans projected to remain uninsured under current law has lead many health care advocates to support a single-payer system in order to ensure universal coverage.

Steven E. Johnson is a Mississippi-based author who covers social injustice and political issues for the Resistance Report. You can contact him at stevejlive at gmail dot com.